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The Kelsey Outrage:The Crime of The Century


The Kelsey Outrage:

The Crime of The Century


The Kelsey Outrage

When Charles Kelsey goes missing on Election Eve in 1872, his sister Cathleen discovers he has been tarred and feathered after a flirtatious girl accused him of entering her bedroom and molesting her.


Cathleen knows Charlie is innocent. She suspects the girl's fiancé, Sam Royals, and his powerful friends are behind the tarring. Realizing the constable is inept, Cathleen reinvents herself as a detective whose quest it is to find her brother and obtain justice. Daring to the point of recklessness, she succeeds in unearthing damning evidence. But the closer Cathleen gets to the truth, the more her enemies will do anything to stop her.


The Crime of the Century

There are more than a thousand newspaper articles written about the historical event called "The Kelsey Outrage." The novel is fictional, but the adage "truth is stranger than fiction" is apt. Some of the most eye-popping parts of the novel are completely true. Although it took place one hundred fifty years ago, this tale of love, lies and lawlessness is surprisingly current. Then as now, persons with money and power can get away almost anything.